I am a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience treating teens, adults, families, and couples. I am an active therapist, who is both direct and warm. I use cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic approaches and frequently integrate these techniques in order to meet the specific needs of my patients. 

My specialities include stress management, coping with depression and anxiety, recovering from eating disorders, and working through trauma. I am also an experienced health psychologist with a focus on type 1 and type 2 diabetes. I help patients use behavioral approaches to weight loss and do bariatric surgical evaluations.

I teach locally and nationally and write about the unique problem of eating disorders in type 1 diabetes (ED-DMT1) in professional journals and a recent book. I consult with loved ones and patients who are struggling with ED-DMT1 to help design optimal treatment options. I also consult to health care groups to improve their understanding of the patient's experience with the goal of increasing adherence to treatment of chronic disease. 

1101 Beacon St. 8W - Brookline, MA 02446